Magellan GPS

How to Update Magellan GPS

How to Update Magellan GPS

Magellan GPS

Magellan Roadmate is best popular for its Magellan GPS, which comes with a thin & stylish body and a pocket-sized body. Besides, its full-color touchscreen will excite you more while using it. Plus, its database provides 6 million in-built destinations and spots at an attractive value. Moreover, you can consider Magellan Roadmate GPS your travel partner if you see its navigation features. Moreover, it is filled with loaded maps of different countries with an option to select your preferred view dimensional mode. Magellan GPS is even proficient in navigating and searching nearby places, including gas stations, parking, hotels, etc. The Text-to-speech voice prompts option is helpful, one that announces actual street names with a split-screen view to get details about the upcoming intersections. 


Furthermore, to know your live location frequently, press Magellan’s tow truck icon and even share your live location. But at the same time, applying the Magellan GPS update procedure is equally important to avoid facing unfamiliar situations. You can get most of the basic updates freely available on the Magellan website. Still, undeniably, you need to pay for the premium services. Once you update Magellan Roadmate GPS, you can keep your stored data secure in your device. Hence, to understand the Magellan GPS update or update Magellan GPS procedure and its both paid and free updates better, follow the downward information.        

Free Magellan GPS Updates-

  1. You need to charge the entire Gps unit to update Magellan GPS or Magellan Roadmate for free. 
  2. After that, you need to download and install the Content Manager. You can easily find it on the Magellan website.  
  3. Once you launch Content Manager, then log in via your Magellan account details. If you don’t have an account on Magellan, then create one by visiting the official Magellan website. 
  4. Next, click the “Create Account” option and follow the indication appearing on the screen to proceed further. 
  5. Afterward, connect the GPS unit to a computer by using a USB cable. Now, you need to pay attention here, as the unit will turn on automatically. If it fails to execute, then you need to turn it on by following the manual method.  
  6. Continue by right-clicking the “Content Manager” option, which you can see in the windows and the Dock in OS X on your system. After that, select the “Check for Updates Now” option to see whether any map or software has been left available for download or not. 
  7. Alternatively, you will also get a notice popping up on your system screen regarding the same.
  8. Further, click the “Get Now” option to download and install all rest of the available updates to your Magellan GPS. It is required to disconnect the device once you complete the installation process.  
  9. In the final step, you must wait until the GPS automatically restarts.

Paid Magellan GPS Updates-

Paid Magellan GPS Updates
  1. To get the paid Magellan GPS updates, click the “Maps” option by visiting the official Magellan website to update Magellan GPS. 
  2. Now, choose your preferred GPS model from the drop-down menu or list.  
  3. Next, as per your requirements, you need to select a map upgrade. And then follow the essential directions or indications on the screen to make the purchase. 
  4. Afterward, it would help if you ran the “Content Manager” option. And then, you can connect the GPS unit to your computer.  
  5. Last, it would help if you right-click the “Content Manager” option. Further, select the “Sync Purchase Features/Content” option to proceed further.  
  6. Remember to disconnect the GPS once you are done with the process of updating, installing, and downloading.

And that’s how you will learn about the Magellan Roadmate GPS and the process of updating Magellan GPS or Magellan GPS in both the free and paid version. However, while facing any glitches and hassles in accessing this navigating tool, visit its official website and approach its customer care services.     


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