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How to Install Magellan RoadMate GPS Device in Your Vehicle?

There are various navigation tools out in the market, but the Magellan RoadMate GPS is a comprehensive and intelligent vehicle tool. Furthermore, it comes with a preloaded memory card for maps that will assist you in getting to the places without any hassle. Moreover, this top-notch device requires routine updates to function well. In a sense, to unlock new features and use the device without problems, the Magellan GPS Update is crucial.

With RoadMate, you may easily get the most recent street data updates and the most current map on a sizable screen. Furthermore, you can easily add new maps and roads and delete some of the old ones from your database of stored routes. In addition, your Magellan RoadMate may benefit from software updates. One of these is giving users access to some points of interest (POI) more quickly during searches. Moreover, it will recommend secure and safe ways to drive. However, it all comes down to one thing, and that is installing the device. 

Installing the Magellan RoadMate is a simple process. However, picking the ideal place is challenging. Therefore, you can follow this article to learn more about procedures for installing and Magellan GPS Update. Here are a few methods you can follow if you wish to keep it updated manually.

Ideal Location To Install Magellan Roadmate

The best place to mount your GPS device is generally above the main console of the car. However, to maximize your device by placing it the best way:

  • The Magellan RoadMate gadget should be mounted in a prominent location. When driving, make sure it does not obstruct your vision.
  • The GPS gadget should be mounted so that the antenna, located on top of a receiver, can clearly see the sky through your windshield.
  • You can attach the device to your windshield with the adjustable mount. Further, you have another option to use the adhesive disk that comes with it. Before mounting the gadget to your windshield, be sure to check the regional or municipal rules. Some jurisdictions have regulations that forbid the device’s mounting on the windshield.
  • Avoid sticking the adhesive disk to your windshield if you’re using it. Also, be sure to choose your dashboard’s smooth surface.
  • When the airbags are deployed, you must also make sure that no wiring or Magellan RoadMate is disrupted.

Ideal Location To Install Magellan Roadmate

People who choose to mount the device with an adhesive disk have to clean the spot for it. For windshield cleaning, use the alcohol pad that comes with Magellan RoadMate. Dry the area thoroughly.

Install Magellan Roadmate With Adhesive Disk

If you affix the device directly to the windshield, you can skip this step. But if you are using the mounting disk, remove the protective tape from the back of the adhesive disk first. Then, apply the disk next with the sticky side facing the dash. Keep applying pressure on your disk for the next five minutes. The gadget can then be installed if this is done. Before continuing, ensure the adhesive disk has had time to settle.

Attach The Cradle

To install the cradle, you must line up the tabs on the bottom side of your Magellan RoadMate. Thus, turn your cradle up right now. In this manner, it may easily and quickly snap into position flush against the back of your receiver.

Flexible Mount

You must align both tabs with the access holes on the back of your Magellan GPS. This way, you will be able to use the adjustable mount. Furthermore, you must press the receiver down until your adjustable mount and Magellan RoadMate flush before your adjustable mount is fully locked.

Secure The Mount to Windshield or Adhesive Disk

Your adjustable mount’s base-mounted lever should be in the up position. After that, place the mount’s base firmly over the windshield or sticky disk. Then, press the lever all the way down so that it securely locks. Finally, release the assembly firmly to ensure that the device is mounted safely.

Adjust Mount For The Best Viewing

Ensure the locking knobs are unlocked before positioning your Magellan RoadMate gadget for the best visibility. Furthermore, you can tighten the knots when it has been appropriately placed. Moreover, ensure to adjust the device mounting before driving.

Power It Up

You must insert the adapter’s other end into a vehicle’s 12 VDC cigarette lighter socket in order to connect the power. Next, attach the other end to the Magellan RoadMate’s USB connector. If there is power, your gadget will switch on automatically. Please be aware that some cars will only power the cigarette lighter outlet when the ignition is on.


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