Magellan GPS


Magellan Roadmate 9612T

The Magellan RoadMate 9612T has a big 7″ screen which is suitable for vehicles, SUVs, RVs, and trucks. Furthermore, the extra-extensive presentation is very energetic with day and night see mode for simple perceivability.

Additionally, this GPS gadget accompanies free lifetime Magellan Gps updates and traffic cautions. Moreover, the lifetime traffic cautions caution you about any detailed traffic occasions and provide you with a backup course of action proposals relying on your current area. In addition, the gadget additionally offers a 3D building perspective and milestones as a 3D picture see, which gives a practical perspective on the area. Magellan GPS Update units can be done through the use of a free software program available on the Magellan website. 

The Magellan Roadmate 9612T also has two different viewing modes, namely picture mode and scene mode. Also, the scene mode provides you a top-notch edge perspective on the surrounding aspects, while the picture mode provides you an all-encompassing perspective out and about. Further, Best Parking is a notable feature that makes stopping in the city a lot simpler by checking for a parking spot at your destination even before you arrive.

One year after you acquire Magellan Roadmate 9612T, you will get live traffic camera warnings at no additional cost. Although, you will be warned about speed cameras and red lights on the streets if this alarm is activated. Hence, this fantastic Magellan Roadmate 9612T also includes information on school zones, dangerous crossing sites, and much more.

Features of Magellan Roadmate 9612T

  • Has weather updates- using the Magellan Roadmate 9612T, you can access weather forecasts. 
  • It has a favorites menu- save all your preferred destinations, such as restaurants or more, so you already have directions for your next visit. 
  • Voice commands- you can use your voice to control key functions of the device, and you can simply access your device without pushing any button.
  • Has a currency converter- when passing from one country to another, it lets the user calculate currency exchange rates.
  • It has a dedicated smartphone app- a dedicated smartphone app designed to be used with the Magellan Roadmate 9612T.


  • Syncs wirelessly- without the need for cables, the device syncs all of your data wirelessly.
  • Automatically syncs- the Magellan Roadmate 9612T automatically syncs your data when in range of your computer or smartphone.
  • A cellular module- devices that use cellular technology can connect to mobile networks. Cellular networks have much broader signal coverage than Wi-Fi.
  • Has device to device sharing capabilities lets you transfer your preferred routes or waypoints to other devices, making it simpler to keep your device up-to-date.
  • Support Wi-Fi- the device can connect to Wi-Fi.


  • It has lifetime maps- Further, users can download the new maps four times per year with no further fees or subscriptions
  • Has lifetime traffic updates- Additionally, the device includes a subscription to a lifetime of free updates 
  • Also, has route avoidance- Also, the device can ignore specific routes depending on the user’s performance. 
  • Has eco-routing- In addition, this option lets users plan environmentally friendly routes that can deduct fuel consumption. 
  • It has multi-route capabilities- Furthermore, this is the ability to have various ‘vias’ per route.
  • Has day and night mode- Moreover, the display’s brightness adapts to the level of light. 
  • Has route optimizer- If the user has several destinations planned, like a UPS driver, they can enter all the destinations.  
  • It has a spoken street name feature- the device will tell you what street you arrive on. 
  • Has lane guidance- Furthermore, this feature will tell the user what lane they should be in when preparing for upcoming turns. 
  • Map editing capabilities- Moreover, it means that users can add extra detail to their map or correct any wrong information. 
  • It has a camp-ground feature for recreational vehicles (RVs). This feature is for caravans and other recreational vehicles.